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Morning and Evening

This morning Charles Spurgeon reminds us that “some Christians are for living ON Christ, but are not so anxious to live FOR Christ.” This hits me in a deep way because it is going past a surface relationship with Christ and suggesting that this is not enough. It is not enough to simply meet with God to get strength from him but you must use that strength for his glory. If we ask for provisions and patience we must not keep those things to ourselves but give them out. Asking is not what keeps us close to God… It is what we do with what we ask.

Today is Friday and I am tired. I realized last night that Aaron is tired too… I am not the only one who is tired at the end of the day. I also realized that I have an expectation for him to be happy and peppy and to get me into a good mood when he comes home. Perhaps I am the one who should be striving to support him and help him into a good mood. It is so easy to be selfish when you are tired and worn out. It is so easy to think about what you want and need and not even look at the other person. I forget that when I come out of my selfishness shell and care about someone else, I forget about my own tiredness (for at least a little while). I know all of you are probably tired at the end of the day but just remember that the person next to you is probably tired too and it might help if you focus on their day instead of your own.

Happy weekend and happy cold front!!!

P.S. this weekend or actually Monday October 8th is my sweet, handsome, hunk of a man’s birthday…. He is turning 27. Happy early birthday and I love you so much and would very lost without you!