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Evelyn and New Tricks!

I cannot believe that our little baby girl will be 10 months in a couple of weeks! She is growing and learning so fast I just can’t stand it. Okay folks I have to tell you what little Evelyn has been up to the last four days.

Friday- we were sitting and skyping with our dear friends Sammy and Veronica Lange from Austria and we were ending the conversation and saying good bye. Sammy and Veronica were waving and Evelyn put her little hand up and waved for the first time… She now consistently waves and says bye bye all the time. Tonight Aaron couldn’t even leave without her going up to the door and waving and saying bye bye… Too cute!

Saturday- Grandma Mia came into town (yay!) and spent a few days with us. Let me tell you, leave it up to grandmas to start the tricks rolling. Saturday night we were having dinner at the Fisk’s house (they graciously hosted a ton of my family last minute at their house) and Evelyn just started clapping for the first time (which she does all the time now). Poor little Landon was clapping too and didn’t understand why she was getting the attention for clapping and not him, so we cheered for him too 🙂

Sunday- Evelyn started doing the Indian noise with her mouth (I hope y’all know what I mean). She also started giving high fives (when she feels like it) and attempting to blow kisses and give kisses.

Monday- Evelyn started standing (while not holding on to anything) for more than 5 seconds and she even took a step once or twice! This is just too much stuff in four days! Everyday I can’t describe the love I have for this little sweet heart. Her smiles and laughter just make me more attached and blessed to be her mommy. Treasure your little ones and the moments you have with them. One minute they are tiny and asleep in your arms and the next minute they are laughing and taking steps.

Well I just had to share and here is a picture to go with all the milestones 🙂 I am sure I will be posting again soon when she starts driving or something like that.