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Etsy Happenings

Okay so I have been getting some Etsy inventory done a little at a time. Realistically I am hoping to have the shop up in November… Before Thanksgiving (just in time for Christmas shopping!). I have several necklaces in the making and am currently working on some branding ideas and sorting out all of my pricing/ finances. Things are going well and I am getting excited about getting things going. I have posted a picture below to get some continued feedback before the shop goes live. Right now I am just working on casual necklaces but I hope to add rings, bracelets and different types of necklaces (custom, necklaces with grandkid’s names, fancier necklaces and so on) in the future. Hope you are all having a fab day and I will let you know how things progress. 🙂



Will you buy it?!?

I need to get some feed back on my possible Etsy shop items… I am going to post a couple of pictures of the things I have made so far and I would love it if you would tell me if you would wear them or not. The below pictures are of hand made/ hand painted necklaces and earrings. I am also thinking about doing bangle bracelets and rings. I started off with unfinished wooden jewelry and then paint them. I will have some set inventory on Etsy but I will also take orders for custom colors and designs (if y’all think anyone will buy them, that is).

So there they are… The middle one is a bit busy and might not make it into the shop. I would appreciate feedback. Just let me know if it is something you would wear, or better yet, something you would actually buy. Okay I am signing off folks, I am tired, I have a full day tomorrow and Evelyn can always wake up sooner than I think. A few pictures at the end of the sweet moments in life.