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Etsy Shop

Okay everyone… most of you have seen that my Etsy shop opened and I hope you all have had a chance to look at it and decide what you want to buy for Christmas presents ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a promotional code that gets you 10% off your purchase and I have it set to end tomorrow but I am going to extend it another week in honor of the grand opening. Just in case you didn’t see the code, it is… ETSYDISCOUNT10. Use this code at checkout and get 10% off. Also, if you live close by and don’t want your items shipped… I can give you a free shipping code, just let me know. Right now I just have necklaces and earrings but I will be adding bracelets soon. The cool thing about my jewelry is that you can get a custom order. Whatever color, whatever design (something that will fit on a bead) and whatever length that you want. You can get jewelry to match anything or satisfy any favorite color you have.

Also, I want to let you know about an upcoming event. Most of you have already been invited but you need to make sure and put this on your calendar. We are having a Christmas Marketplace at Heather Fisk’s house on November the 29th and it is going to be awesome!!! Go to this link to see all about it… and please everyone come and check it out!ย


Here are some items from my Etsy shop for your viewing… Come and take a look. Get Christmas shopping done at a discount! ๐Ÿ™‚




Okay now for a few pictures of things to come… these are some bracelets that I am going to list soon.




Well there you have it folks… great unique handmade Christmas or anytime gifts. Please stop by and check out the rest of my jewelry atย… Until later.


Hello Blog… it has been a while.

Well as you can see I am not a consistant blogger… if I was then I probably wouldn’t have anything else to do but this is not the case. This post will be dedicated to recent events. Watch for a recipe post and an etsy post today too! The END of October has finally come… well you would think that would mean cooler weather but not in Texas. Today the high is 85… I think Texas does not know what cool weather is. Hopefully by December we will have some actual cool weather. Anyways… enough with my weather obsession.

I’m not really sure where to start with my blogging because it has been sooooo long but how about I will start with reformation day. Wednesday was a good day… Evvy and I hung out with Camila that day and then went over to the Fisk’s house for dinner. We had breakfast Tacos… which were great for two reasons. Reason 1: I did not have ANYTHING in the house for dinner, I had cottage cheese, beets and chicken… that might be a meal to some but it didn’t sound very appetizing to me. Needless to say, I was relieved when my sweet sister-in-law had us over for dinner. Reason 2: it just tasted good and Evelyn loved it… she downed eggs, sausage,tortillas and fruit. I have a little eater on my hands. After dinner we all went to the Fall Festival thing at a church in Desoto… it was fun, a little chilly but fun. Evelyn got to dress up as a cow and she was pretty much the cutest cow I know. Evelyn just loved looking at all the people. Although she was terrified of the donkeys in the petting zoo… she doesn’t cry, she just shakes and holds on to me really tightly (I don’t mind). Then we went into the church for a puppet show and she LOVED that. All the other kids were sitting and watching and Evelyn decided to be REALLY loud, yelling and making all kinds of noises, apparently she thinks puppets are really great ๐Ÿ™‚



Thursday we just hung out with Camila but Evelyn woke up from her nap with a bit of a fever ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She kinda felt yucky the rest of the day and just wanted to lay on me and watch Veggie Tales. I rather enjoyed the cuddle time but hate that she didn’t feel well. We had some extra rocking time last night as well. I think she is a bit better this morning but just to be on the safe side, Camila is going to stay with her aunt Lauren today. Also, I am really glad it is the weekend because it means that Aaron and I get to have a date night, I can clean house and work on Etsy stuff and Sunday is a day of rest!

I am also glad it is November but this month is going to be crazy… let me just lay out all of our “events” we have this month… There is a birthday party for Nick on the 6th. Aaron’s school choir is doing a Christmas concert. We are going down to my parent’s house for the week of Thanksgiving. Possibly going to Austin the weekend of Thanksgiving to hang out with some friends. Then I have to decorate for Christmas early because we are having the Perry family Christmas at my house on the 1st (technically not November still but close enough). Before that, my sister and brother-in-law and kiddos are coming into town for “Early Christmas” and for a Sufjan Concert on the 30th. And then We are having a Christmas Marketplace at Heather Fisk’s house on the 29th (which everyone should come to) there will be 7 vendors and we will be helping you get an early start on your christmas shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚ AND THEN… we are having Evelyn’s 1st birthday party on the 2nd at our house as well (invitations will be going out at some point)… Crazy right? yeah and then Aaron has a big concert the next weekend. Can’t wait though, it will be super fun to hang out with friends and family and Just enjoying the holidays!

Hmmm other news… Well I think we have found the church we are going to be apart of. It is called Christ Presbyterian church. It is a small Mission church (recently planted) in Mansfield (about 10 miles away from us). We went there because of some recommendations from some friends and I think it is going to be a good fit. Really sweet people, lots of young couples with kids. Turns out it is also a very small world… the Pastor’s wife and I worked at the same summer camp growing up and know a lot of the same people from there. We also went to a life group on sunday and it was good hanging out with them. We will never have Denton Pres back and our new friendships will never take the place of our other ones but you also have to have consistant fellowship where you are and be connected on a weekly or more basis. We truly miss our Denton friends and try to hang out with them when we can but distance is tough. It is all in God’s hands and he sees the big picture. Hopefully the holidays will bring some sweet fellowship with our Denton friends. I am just thankful for the time we did have in Denton and treasured it very much!

Friday was kind of a lazy day because all Evelyn wanted to do is lay on me and watch more Blues Clues… I feel bad for letting her watch so much TV the past few days but she doesn’t want to play. I know when I am sick, distraction is good. We will have a TV detox when she is feeling better. Evelyn perked up a bit yesterday afternoon and so Aaron and I took the opportunity to go out on a date last night and Evelyn stayed with grandma and grandad. She had lots of fun with them and went to bed without a fight. Meanwhile, Aaron and I went to Chuy’s and we ate way too much…Here is the very logical reason why…Okay so if you go to Chuy’s during happy hour (4-7pm) you get free chips, caso, beans, meat and salsa (basically nachos) and you can have as much as you want during that time. Aaron and I decided to see if we could eat on the fajitas for one (11 bucks) and just fill in with chips and stuff. Well we got there and had to wait for a table so we went ahead and ate chips and everything else. Then we sat down and kept eating (thinking in our heads that fajitas for one would not be enough food). Needless to say, by the time we actually got our fajitas I was beyond full and I still ate a fajita and Aaron had two and we STILL had left overs! Long story short… you can eat at Chuy’s very cheaply and still get really full. Chuy’s is a great date night for $12-13 ๐Ÿ™‚ We then got my ring checkup (you have to every six months or else they won’t cover it if something goes wrong with it, we found that out the hard way last time) and we went to Barnes n Nobles and got a coffee. Why is it that before I had a kid I wanted to spend all my time in the art section at the book store and now all ย I want to do is hang out in the kids section? Yes, we got Evelyn a book… there are waaaaayyyyy too many cute ones.



Today is Saturday and I am glad. There are dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor and I am still in my pajamas updating my blog, this is the way it should be. I am really looking forward to fall back tomorrow (don’t forget to set your clocks!) and I am praying that Evelyn’s fever completely goes away today. Tomorrow is Sunday… the day of rest and getting to join in fellowship with other believers… and I look forward to it! I hope all of you are having a fabulous Saturday and I will be updating the blog more often (especially this month with all the happenings) I just need to remember to take pictures! cause who wants to read a blog without pictures…right?!? K everyone, Later. OH!!! P.S. watch for a blog update on my Etsy shop and a recipe one too… I am a blogging machine today.